Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 Months Old

Bodie you are 6 months old! i can't believe much has happened this month - you've been quite busy! in the past month you have started/learned to:
1. scootch/crawl - you have figured out how to get where you want to go - the other day you scooted out of the office down the hall and into brother's room!
2. sit up - you will sit by yourself for a few seconds and usually fall to the side, but you are putting those abs to work!
3. TOOTH! you are cutting your first teeth right are the most drooly baby ever...your right one has cut through and you can feel the little nub and the left one is about to poke out any day now!
4. FOOD! this month you started really showing an interest in solids - you have eaten the following: rice cereal, pears, bananas, carrots, peaches, apricots, avocados, mango, aren't too sure about any of it but you for sure are partial to bananas and carrots :)

5. TALK! you are saying/making sounds more directly. you like to say maaaa maaaa for me and da da for daddy. you also like to make rasberries as often as you can.

sad to say your sleeping has not gotten much better, but that could be because you have been fighting a cold for so long only to get better than get a cold again! now you are teething, so mommy is preparing for a strain of sleepless nights!

you also went on your first camping trip to Table Mountain for our TMAFI fishing trip. you did so well! you slept with us in our sleeping bag and camped like a pro! you were NOT a fan of the boat or your lifevest or fishing that day, but little did i know you were working on that tooth cutting! poor baby!

you still love your brother and he and daddy both have the knack to make you crack up...i just wish they wouldn't do it right before your bedtime :)


Rashelle said...

What's he weighing in at these days?

CarleeKajsa said...

umm...the fish scale went with us to not sure where it is...that was my method of weighing him...maybe i can use the produce scale in the supermarket?