Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the way home

bryan snapped this lovely shot of bryson on a stop in mojave on our way home. i love the drive - the 395 is a fond freeway of mine...spanning back to our childhood and sibling fights the whole way - listening to B.A.D. - sticking sara-britt in the way back of the van with the moth infested oatmeal...good times!

driving over 5 hours with 2 kids is not my idea of fun, but a DVD player helped and stopping helped too...bryan and i always play a game along the desolate highway where we pick out abandoned buildings and ramshackle trailers for the other person to live...i dont know why, but it never gets old...we've been doing it for almost 8 years :) i always wonder at the small towns and who lives there and how one would end up there and more curious - how one gets out! the boys did great by the way on both trips...it is making bryson's screaming for 2 hours the last TMAFI trip almost a distant memory...almost...

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