Wednesday, June 17, 2009

baby hats

the car is packed...the kids are asleep...the parents are exhausted and in need of some serious sierra goodness! we are about to embark on our annual fishing trip, but wanted to share these darling pics bryan took.

this hat is just my favorite- my dearest friend jena gave it to him when we visited her last september before he was born. i remember getting so happy that soon a little baby head would fill it and now here it is! it is a great baby hat because it is stretchy and soft (cashmere it feels like) and stays on his head...for now - he is not big enough yet to tear everything off his head that you attempt to put on...

i always get stopped and asked about this hat - jena told me the creator is faith hats and she has an etsy shop here, but i didnt see any kid hats on her etsy shop, but found a darling one here.

its repurposed and handmade and sewn by hand...not like my "hand" but a true hand...i think i remember jena telling me that the lady who makes them doesn't even own a sewing machine. which is pretty amazing if you can see the overlock on the inside seams! (and then i go and post my cheesy kindergarten style embroidered shirt and congratulate myself...someday when i am retired and a grandma that is what i will do - work on sewing by hand...hmmmm....)

anyway - hope you have a fabulous weekend! i hear the fish calling and will now go to sleep dreaming of pulling a 5 pounder out of lake sabrina! wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Faith here. I have to start by saying your boy can model for me any time! He's adorable. And thanks for the great write-up!

I must correct the rumor that I don't own a sewing machine. These hats are handmade, as in made by me, using my hands, and a sewing machine. You're so right, an overlock stitch would be a true feat if done with a needle and thead. I am not that hardcore. But I do cut each one out of a recycled sweater, select the color combo, and do the sewing myself.

Visit my website for store locations, and watch etsy this fall for a makeover and many new listings, including baby hats!