Tuesday, June 16, 2009

camping readying

someone is ready for camping. bryson is so beyond excited to go to the mountains and do some fishin' and hikin' and smore's roastin'. he only asks me about 100 times a day when we are going. i suspect he will do the same thing when we are in the car as well...*sigh*

i was packing for bryson and happened upon a fishing vest that i believe someone gave him when he was 5 months old! now - at 3.5 he is going to wear it...random! he is pretty stoked on it since he was in the room with me the whole time i embroidered all the fishing vests for this year's trip. if i have time i just may embroider his too!

i ordered some more shirts and wanted to make bryson a camping shirt. i was inspired by linz and solera and picked up my hoop and embroidery thread again after swearing it off...and probably swearing a little in the process as well...detail is not my thing...but i liked the simplicity of how this shirt turned out i don't mind my lines being super neat or stitches matching on this little number...in fact...it may add to its charm - at least to bryson! and that is who matters since he will be wearing it! so - here we go! about to take bryson's first *real* camping trip and bodie's first *semi-real* trip as well! what i mean by real is the memory factor...and that bryson is now mobile and therefore more of a camping challenge. i can't wait to show him one of our favorite places in this world and hopefully impart some love for camping...because lets face it - he is going to be going whether he likes it or not...so hopefully he does! wish us luck!


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Ahem...is your son wearing SKINNY jeans? We need to talk.

linsey said...

i love it! i love it all...the vest, camping, and the shirt! i may have to copy you and add that to the campfire collection ;).