Sunday, June 7, 2009

weekend madness

we had such a plentiful and wonderful weekend - filled with parties and friends and also bike rides and parks and watching my boys play catch and baseball and golf and craft fairs and church and lakers and farmers markets and dear friends popping in - what a nice break from our crazy work-filled summer weeks!

i dont have many...or any i have a lot of memories, which is fine with me - sometimes it is better that way...but i wanted to share some of the wonderful things i found and people i met while at the 2 craft fairs i visited.

on saturday we went to the Homemade Brigade at the Tall Mouse parking lot in Cerritos. we met some lovely people and found some adorable handmade goodness! i bought the boys some shirts from Tiny Whales - their stuff is adorable! i bought bryson a cute robot shirt (he is way into robots right now) and bodie a whale shirt (of course). i also found this awesome booth - Keep Preserves - i don't think her site is up yet, but she had an etsy site here. i bought some kumquat orange margarita mix, which we made today and yumm! i also tried her pomegranate rosemary jam - super delish and her kumquat jam - sweet and would be perfect on scones! i also got a print at Retro Whales. i was so inspired by the things people are making and the whole crafting/art/handmade culture/movement - it is such a community and it is exciting to me to be a part of it.

on sunday we went to our farmers market and to the craft fair in the adjacent parking lot and talked to the lovely owner/creator of Baby Blooms (i also dont think their site will be up for a week or so) but she takes old t-shirts and turns them into appliques - cute flower designs and others like "clawbsters" and skulls and then embroiders on them - darling!

also on saturday we installed the new kid's bike seat on my bike - i intended this for Bodie, but he will have to sit up better before he can ride in it - so i took bryson and it worked great! other than being forced to sit in my seat and crank up hills that is...but i love having them in front of me rather than in the back - makes so much sense i think! we rode down to the park and enjoyed a lovely session of golf and baseball while Bodie and i watched and he explored the grass and leaves. it feels nice to be able to bike again - i havent ridden my bike since i was about 4 months pregnant with Bodie...then after that my knees would hit my big belly and it got really uncomfortable...but now - we are bike-able again! i picture lots of summer bike rides and saturday morning breakfast runs!

i hope your weekend was as relaxing and filled with good people as mine!

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Paige said...

I have been researching front/center mounted bike seats... what made you choose the wee ride? did you consider the iBert?