Tuesday, June 16, 2009

diaper excitement

can diapers be exciting? i suppose if one is consumed with a diapered child finding that *perfect* diaper can be...oh how my life has changed since college days! anyway - i wanted to share since my post before on cloth diapering 101 - that now fuzzi bunz has come out with a one-size diaper! they come with 2 inserts - a baby size and toddler size...which is great because you can double up on them when your babe starts to sleep longer (which i look forward to...it will come...it will...it will...it will right?). i love my fuzzi bunz - i think their inserts are the BEST - its like they hold one more pee than the rest...that should be their slogan i think. anyway - if you are looking for a one-size or need more diapers for your collection - this is a great investment as they fit a babe 7-35lbs! i haven't ordered one yet...once bodie gets too big for his med. fuzzi bunz i will surely be in need of more...i think the apple green color is adorable!

1 comment:

Rashelle said...

I've been waiting for the perfect one size with snaps not velcro. I'm gonna give it a go, thanks for the info!