Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TMAFI 2009

we got back from our annual fishing trip on sunday. this was the first year we brought kids...besides hope and buddy and katlyn of course! and by we i mean a lot of us! 10 kids in all on this trip and over 20 adults! it was the best TMAFI turn-out and one of the most fun trips - albeit exhausting!

bryson hadn't been to TMAFI since he was 6 months old - my in-laws flew down to watch him the previous 2 years. this was bodie's first camping trip and both boys did great! bryson kept telling me every day, "mom this is great" and "can we go camping all the days?" when probed he will tell you his favorite part was roasting marshmallows. i think he also enjoyed everything else - skipping rocks in the creek with eric and asher, finding air soft pellets in the dirt, the campfire, fishing, sleeping in the tent. i was semi-shocked that he slept so well, especially considering friday night there were heavy rains and thunderstorms. he woke up only once each night and usually to go to the bathroom. he also talked in his sleep. one night he said, "NO! i picked the elephant one!" and one night he kept saying "Ice Age" after watching the movie in the johnson trailer! Bodie woke up after the first night with very wide eyes and his expression was one of "where the hay are we?" it was pretty funny i must say.

all the other kids were pros too - the parents i suppose more so. this campsite is hard without kids (no running water or flushable toilets) and you throw 7 kids under 4 years old in the mix and well...each parent should get a medal! speaking of medals - 2 newbies won this year - Scott Muckey and Tom Mason...i can't say i am not a little dissapointed...especially since the winning fish were not even over a pound! but bryan caught this 3.5 pound beauty! now beating my TMAFI record and slowly getting his fishing cred back!

having two kids there meant a different kind of experience. i did not take a single picture - which i regret in this case because i really wanted to get a shot of all the kids and babies! i also wanted a shot of all the TMAFI vests...most of all i missed being able to sit at the lakes and have nothing to do and worry only about my line and if i am using the right bait. i never really got a chance to do that, but it was worth having the kids there - even though it was frustrating at times i truly believe that if we start them out young they will just sort of expect it and not try to fight it...right? that's my theory anyway!

Bryan gave me a hard time because the first time we went out fishing i caught a fish and bryan told me to let bryson reel it in - "no way" i said..."he needs to learn to catch his own fish!" okay - maybe that was harsh...but bryan let him reel in his fish and people asked him if he caught it and he told them, "no - daddy did" - see! the kid knows...and i can't help but bring up a biblical lesson..."you teach the boy to fish...he eats for life" and speaking of which - he did eat trout! i asked him if he like the fish and he told me it wasn't fish, it was trout...whatever! he ate it!

the only time i had to sit and reflect and meditate was on sunday while tearing down camp - bodie fell asleep and bryan and i took turns holding him and sitting down looking out at the creek and meadow and mountains enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh air and God's handiwork. i already miss it...that area is so special to me - lake sabrina is especially one of my favorite places. speaking of which...i need to remember to book the site for next year! if you didnt make it this year - please join us for next!


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