Monday, June 15, 2009

Seafood Broil and Weekend Musings

we had a packed weekend...which was funny because last weekend i told bryan how crazy it was that next weekend we dont have anything planned! that is so rare for us to have an unplanned weekend in the summer - i was looking forward to pool time and garden time and cleaning time and nowhere to be chilling time....then we got invited to a dear friend's bday party in SB - of course we wouldn't miss it! then we decided to have an early father's day for my dad in temecula since we will be camping next weekend...needless to say we are all exhausted! i think especially bryson since he spent 5 hours in the pool yesterday...5 hours - no break - threw a fit when i told him he needed to get out.

these are pictures from the bday party - it was a seafood broil - so delish! eric did it all (as his bday tradition ensues) and we feasted! even bryson ate "clawbster" - we told him the shrimp were mini clawbsters. good times with good friends and not to mention good margaritas!

the only pictures i have of our early father's day sadly were taken by my wonderful nephew, but so wonderful photographer - Buddy. the day consisted of the usual spa and golf and trail run and delicious food and laughter and conversation and good times!

i love/hate summer - love the camping and outings and holidays and get-togethers and bike ridings - HATE the workload that comes with our very seasonal business and also don't care for overpacked can all be very hectic...very off-putting for babies' schedules and for trying to get a certain almost 6 month old to sleep longer than 2 hour increments. but in the middle of this weekend i had some very peaceful moments. somehow i am starting this week refreshed - AMAZINGLY! i think it has something to do with the fact that i have been praying a lot. every time i start to worry or feel anxious i have been going to God and seeking peace. it has done a number on my outlook and attitude. i tend to underestimate the power of prayer and realized how horrible my prayer life has been. anyway - i am lucky to have prayer warriors in my mother and mother-in-law and that has helped too - i can feel it! so keep those prayers coming - specifically we need prayer for our business and that sickness subsides and for guidance in being Bryson's parents...a very constant prayer of mine :)

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