Tuesday, June 30, 2009

happy 30th danny boy

Grandpa Wally with his great-grandson Phoenix

Auntie Missie and Danny and Shannon's little girl Grey

Danny and his wife Shannon visiting from Colorado.

auntie awesome (jenny) and i with the babies

"hey kid beat it...i called aunnie mannie's lap first!"

me hogging the baby.

Grandma June and Bodie, which is funny because every time she holds him he attacks her...or her blouse...or necklace...she is amused as well - can you tell?

we celebrated my cousin Danny's 30th bday last friday. here are some pics. sadly i can not take credit for them...i put my niece Hope up to taking pictures... This was the first time i met their little Phoenix, who is now 4 mo old - so precious...he was so soft too...i dont know if i have ever felt a baby so soft! anyway - it was so good to see him and his now *complete* family. it was so nice to see all our friends and family too. there were a lot of life-long church friends there that started out going to our birthday parties when we were little and really neat to see them now still gathering at celebrations. i hope to foster friendships like that as well since i believe it was an instrumental piece of my childhood. His invitations were super cute too - it had a picture of a hamburger and "Just the meat, cheese and the bun" around it...danny is like his dad...sensitive taste buds. one time my brother made him eat 1/2 tsp of salsa and he almost puked.

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Rashelle said...

Wow, I haven't seen that backyard in over a decade. Great to see your extended family!