Monday, October 11, 2010

I Figured It Out!!

okay...after thinking about it for approximately 10 minutes total today...i have started our family blog - The Barnes Yard...get a barnyard...ha...get it? no? that's can follow it here:

and this space will continue to show all things home-made - cooking, sewing, knitting (if i ever get around to knitting again) and some things kids...product reviews...stuff like that...and of course a space to share zoodie updates...i am excited that my blogging is getting organized!


Paige said...

Love the name!

I found that keeping up 2 blogs was too much for me, and that is why i just went back to one... I like the concept of it, but until Hank decides that babysitters (including grandma) are ok again, I am down to just one!

Angie said...

Good Lord, woman... can you ever stop?! You're amazing. Where do you park your invisible plane? Did I see it over on Mira Mar??