Friday, October 22, 2010

They Love us in Germany too!

I found another write-up for zoodies through my Big Cartel dashboard...amazing! found here: Goldstuckchen

Trick or Treat?

Scary costumes to make yourself

The well-known tradition from the United States faced from house to house to wander and "Trick out, or haunted house" to demand, is getting through in this country more and more. If an adult permit to have nothing for the kids in the house, he must expect him to play a trick on little ghosts and devils.
For a ghost costume, you dont need much. For two children old enough, a white bed sheet that is divided into two halves. The cloth you stülpst about children and the rest to the eyes and nose. Then cut holes there. The soft cloth with a rope around the waist of the little fix. In cold weather a warm jacket under the costume, the little ghost.
Problem Child
Basic for this costume is a red or black hoodie (can be from the parents, then there is room for a warm jacket underneath). To the hood you sew small cone out of heavy paper or felt. Black pants to a red-painted face - that is the little devil
Most important tool is the black cape with the typical Batman silhouette. The gray and purple hair with hair spray wildly teased. A black hairband with bat ears bear (black construction paper) and a bat mask makeup face.
Here you uncoil the small ones with just a toilet paper. Then the white face makeup and black eye rings. Of course you can use white boards or a large white cloth, for example, an old bed sheets, cut into strips and wrap around the body, head, arms and legs. The ends of the bands you should check with tape or safety pins fix.

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