Monday, October 18, 2010

crafting shirts

i havent sewn much other than zoodies for the past a long long. i have a lot of sewing projects that have been piling up that i would love to get to...someday :)

but today i had to pick some stuff up at target and needed to get Bodie some long sleeve shirts since he only has 2 right now (i guess bryson wasn't wearing 2T during the winter months) and they were all so blah and boring.

i usually only think to add embellishments to plain shirts, but recently am liking the idea of graphics on striped shirts so i picked up a couple and had some free time - free as in bryson was playing outside, bodie was in his high chair with markers and paper and bobby was in the bouncy chair next to me (i love what my free time now consists of)

if you look at my notes in high school and college you will find all sorts of doodles in the hand have constantly always needed something to do, which is why i think knitting is so fun for me...anyway - i just relied on my doodles to make some shirts for bodie today and am quite pleased with how they turned out - so much more fun than the plain ol' striped shirts, no?

so i decided to take some of my doodles and doodle a shirt or two.

they are so so simple...and not even blog-worthy other than to encourage you to just add a little home-made to something store bought and make it a little more special!

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Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Totally blog-worthy. What a great idea! I like the lightning bolt. I have a bunch of transfer paper left over from the bags I used to do - i should use some for some of e's plain tees.