Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Custom Zoodie - The White Tiger

i have gotten probably 6 different requests for tigers, but American Apparel doesn't make orange sweatshirts so i haven't been very proactive about making one...but recently a mama emailed to ask if i would make a white tiger...and well, yes, of course!

a lot of my zoodies have come about because of other people's ideas, which is one thing i love about it. i would have never done a koala...but, because one daddy called his little girl their koala bear, now there is one...same with the butterfly and the mouse and the shark (ala bryson)

currently, though...i have to say...this one is my favorite! i had a lot of fun sewing it and bryan helped design it, which is always fun...to work with bryan on a creative project...because our processes are SO different.

so - here you go - the white tiger - it is undecided whether or not this will be up in the shop...it took me quite a while and i can't see myself sewing 60 of these like the dino...i can't believe i have made that many dinos...but i do believe bobby will need one of these in a bit (no way would i put the bigger booger boys in these...they would get DEstroyed in seconds!)

 i am thinking of zebra next...wouldn't that be fun?


Rashelle said...

This is by far my favorite, so adorable!

Angie said...

this is absolutely my favorite!! So cute!

Paige said...

What if you did orange stripes on a black sweatshirt? That could be a tiger, couldn't it?

This is ADORABLE. Seriously, so awesome. I am a little afraid that it will get destroyed though... is it for a girl or boy?

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Yeah - this one is too cute. My second favorite, I think.