Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zoodies on Mamaista and a Give-Away!!!

goodness...it seems like every post lately is about zoodies popping up in fun places...i was told this might happen...and you were right, honey...again.

so this site is so fun - have you been there yet? Mamaista.com - they also have a daily email that highlights different kid stuff - clothes, toys, even mama stuff! very cool stuff...check it out!

Also check out their facebook page - if you leave a comment on their wall saying what kind of zoodie you like, or what you like about zoodies, you will be entered to win one! a kitty for the girls and dino for the boys...or if your girl wants to be a dino...(i have been getting quite a few girly dino orders!) and your boy a kitty...whatever, right? i just did an order for a mama in south africa whose 2 year old son wanted to be a ladybug for halloween so he and his little sister will be ladybugs...it made me think of this guy...

okay so this is not a post about cross-dressing children...its about the mamaista give-away! so please go visit their page and enter to win...it would make me so happy to see one of you win!

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Anonymous said...

Carlee, this is all so exciting! I'm super excited for you getting all this publicity. Makes me feel special to know someone so hip. ;)