Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Su-Su-Studio

The Studio Corner
i get super jealous when other bloggers post pics of their studio...its like...look we have all this space for ME and MY THINGS...and isn't it great how i can fit all of my enormous fabulous collection of vintage fabrics and amazing buttons and yarn in this super cool Scandinavian hutch? and i have all this SPACE where kids dont come and fabulous music is playing and the sunlight hits everything so well and its so modern and AWESOME!!! a big Harrumph to you and your studio...

warning: i am feeling a little feisty...

Pull-Out Drawers
but seriously...i am a *new-ish* crafter and i think whenever you find yourself diving into a hobby like sewing - you tend to collect, or more realistically speaking, horde things and fabrics related to your craft...and if you are like me...you only do something about it when everyone is getting into stuff they shouldn't or yelling at you for leaving piles of stuff around...or frustrated from having to go into the garage every time you need to start a project.

so...enter my new space...my very much shared space. shared with the kitchen...shared with the litter box...(i know, gross...but now that our cats prefer the outside to the in...not much litter happening inside anyway - sorry neighborhood) and shared with the door leading to the outside.

The Brilliant Bodie-Proof Sewing Cabinet

i do believe this cabinet to be a stroke of brilliance. i dont like to boast...but let me just say again how brilliant i am...this is brilliance...pure genius...kind of kidding...but really...this just so works for me. i can pull out my machine for a project so fast...and typically whip out a zoodie during lunch time. 

i share this not to make you super jealous and bitter like myself...but to hopefully tell you to try to carve out a corner...because that is all some of us get...a corner...but how much do i love this corner...its amazing and makes me smile every time i see it...and i MUST tell you the story of this corner...its too good not to...

Hampers, which store my sweatshirts

this last weekend bryan wanted to golf on a saturday (which thankfully he does not do very often) and i told him if he put some shelves up for me in the kitchen for some of my bins than i wouldn't mind so much if he golfed...more or less...so in my head i am thinking 2 shelves...like 2x4 pieces nailed in the wall or something...and after golfing he comes home with this LOAD of closet stuff...i may or may not have had a negative reaction (due to money spent and the time it would take to put up said stuff which meant me taking all the boys away from said stuff) and my alleged negative reaction may or may not have led to a disagreement of adult sorts...so flash forward to sunday afternoon and me walking into the kitchen to see this! lets just say i am very thankful to be married to a spatially competent person...a very HOT spatially competent person.

The Plastic Bins that Need to be PERTY
this following paragraph does not negate the fact that my husband is brilliant (nor hot..that is a fact and therefore indisputable) but the plastic bins he bought me to house my ever-growing collection of STUFF is not the prettiest...which is where you come in, dear reader...i desperately need to PERTY-fy them...i need your help!!! do i cover them, or replace them? if i cover them - how? if i replace them...with what? i like that they are see-through...that helps a lot with inspiration and also knowing your supply of whatever...but i hate plastic bins...so temporary feeling and cheap...HELP!!!

A Place to Hang Finished pieces


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Did you get all gingered up? ; )

Paige said...

What about these? They aren't clear, but they do come in a whole lot of sizes and awesome shades of green and orange.


CarleeKajsa said...

JJ - i did get all gingered up :) you like your new little phrase, huh?

Paige - those are awesome! IKEA will probably have just the thing! bryan makes fun of my basket problem, but i think its so much nicer to look at baskets than bins...i dunno...

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Love it! I understand studio jealousy well. As you know, mine is technically the dining room. So, not really a studio at all.

And I think it's so very nice that Bryan did that for you.

Anonymous said...

You may not be happy with me for saying this, but I like the bins. They're kinda cute and like you said, nice that they're clear. And durable. So if you wanna hide their plastic-ness, maybe some labels across the front? That would disguise them and also give you the opp to use some cute crafting paper in a color or print that you really like. I'm picturing a large-ish label indicating the bin's contents. Could be cute. Love your studio! :)