Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooking for Boys

Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and BoysSo...ever since finding out Bobby was a boy...i guess finding out our baby was a Bobby :) i realized...i am in the MOBO club (mothers of boys only) and decided to fully invest in that. several people have commented to me that i need to start my Costco membership...ugh...confession: i HATE Costco.

it goes against my Swedish heritage...the ingrained sense of Lagom, (which quickly translates to "just enough") it is too much for me - the parking, the lines, the 1 gallon tubs of mayonnaise....i dunno...too much! but...i some point with 3 boys...or more accurately 3 boys and 1 man...i will eventually need to buy in bulk. from what i hear of other moms with boys...its not just your boys you feed...but their FRIENDS...their BOY friends...i always repeat what my aunt (who has 3 boys) told me..."you throw some meat on the table and RUN!)

so when i heard about this book...i jumped! everything looks amazing in here. i mean it...a-maze-ing. The author is a mother of 3 boys also, and i believe she has been a contributor to Martha Stewart Living recipes as well.

i want for my boys to have a wide range of food they enjoy. i can say that my oldest is more than a picky eater...but we have enforced a "try it" rule with everything we cook. he has to try it before he says he doesn't like it. i also am a fan of what Dr. Laura preaches... which is, "food disorders happen when you mix stress with food" - so we don't make him clear his plate...we just calmly tell him -this is what is for dinner...if you don't eat it, fine - you go to bed hungry...and you'll eat tomorrow.

BUT...that doesn't mean that i want to get into a "food rut". i remember seeing an article once in a magazne (i forget which) where this mom, despondent on her kids noodle diet, decides to cook a different type of meal every night for a month to discover different foods her kids would eat. granted, her kids were older than mine, but i thought that it was such a good idea.

so enter this cookbook. the other night we cooked her sesame wing chicken and some asian noodles as a side dish. a total diversion from our usual fare, but we ended up finding out that Bodie LOVED the noodles. (bryson didn't...his complaint being they were cold) but it made me want to try out more that the author suggested...mix it up a bit.

So...i am do YOU not get in a rut? do you develop a meal plan? do you cook a separate meal for your toddler? do you let your child go hungry? are we cruel? i am still working this out...


Robyn Prado said...

Funny. I never knew they had such a book, but don't be fooled, girls can eat too. To avoid the rut, I usually have about 10 regular recipes, but each week, I search for new recipes, internet, magazine, food show, with ingredients that appeal to me, and I cook them. I've done indian, thai, just different. Some they love, some they hate, but it's never boring and they are exposed to wide variety of ingredients..

CarleeKajsa said...

that is a good idea...i need to get out of my rut for sure...speaking of different foods...remember when i went with your family to that indonesian restaurant...i was sooo weirded out...then i ended up going to indonesia for my honeymoon and now i LOVE the food...

Angie said...

Wow, the gals and I were JUST talking about this after parting ways with you and those Barnes Boys at Pumpkin Patch! This book looks cool, even though I have two girls and one boy and one man who eats like a bird.... I'd love to give it a glance!

For our ruts... I don't know. I'm in one and Can't! Get! Out!!!!!