Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bobby at 1 Month

bryan and i left the bigger boys with my brother and sister-in-law this weekend and headed to ojai for a wedding of a college friend. we took bobby with us and it was so much fun to have bobby alone for a little bit. he smiled at me for the first time friday and he seems to be starting to grow into a little human.

we weighed him today and he is 7lbs 9oz...almost 2 pounds heavier than when he was born! he doesn't fit the premie clothes and is almost too big for newborn...and newborn diapers...he is also crying a lot less, which i hope to mean that all his indigestion issues are getting better too.

but poor baby is all kinds of jacked up right now...he's got acne on his face, cradle cap on his head, thrush in his mouth, he is getting over a little cold (had his first fever already...thank you Bodie Booger Man!) so he sounds like a little piggie...just before he got sick i was thinking we were turning a corner as far as the no-sleep thing was going, but that is back is awake! a lot!

i can not believe it has only been a month. it feels like forever ago that he was born. we are so thankful for our baby bobby...for all of our boys...we are looking forward to seeing what kind of personality this little guy is going to bring to the *already crazy* mix. my only concern is that i am so sleep-deprived-zombie-mom right now that i will not remember any of this...


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

He is still a total peanut! Can't wait to photograph him or see you. It's hard to believe I haven't stopped by since he was born. Must remedy that immediately!

Angie said...

OOOh Bobby Barnes. I love his eyes, he looks so inquisitive!

I am STILL worried I will forget all of the special moments. Write Them Down! Take Pictures! That way you can fill in the missing pieces later :)

And for cradle cap, my moms swears by Goat Milk Baby Soap, she got some from Beekman Farm - it seems to work!

Robyn Prado said...

I sure don't remember too much about those early days with baby #3!! but I do know that you'll get through and it will get easier! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Okay, he is just so stinkin' cute. Hope he gets better so soon! Squirt some mama's milk up his nostrils - cleared up O's cold stat.