Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lady Dino

i told you i had some girly dinos in the is my first pink dino made for a friend.

these pics are fu-hun-ney...we have already established that i have probably scarred my son with all the girl dresses i put on fact just today when i exclaimed, "bryson i need you to try this on" he said, "what is it, a tutu? hahahahahahaha" he is such a good sport though and tried it on and asked me to make him one also.

and his poses are amazing...i like the hand in the air pose - yes - waiter - check please...and the shielding the eyes like my mom makes me wear girl stuff all the time and takes pictures of it...and the side kiss...and he was still wearing his ninja leggings on his skinny little cute! he is going to hate me when he goes through puberty isn't he?


William said...

It is a perfect zoodie! So awesome, and Bryson is so laid back about gender 'cause you and Bry are so cool about it. Don't tell me he's never seen pictures of his daddy in girly outfits!
Love it!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

This pink dino is darling!!! May have to get it. It's FINALLY chilly today so my little koala bear marched off to school today. It was so cute seeing her dad walk off w/ her w/ her little ears bopping up & down. LOVE IT.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

p.s. I actually went back and read this post and am totally cracking up! "what is it - a tutu?" too funny!