Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tanaka Farms

we had such a crazy busy wonderful day yesterday. my better half has been gone all weekend and i have had other people watch my kids all week so i could be in the office so i really hadn't spent time with my kids since last Sunday. to compensate for their lack of a mother i decided saturday would be this crazy jam-packed day of fun...lets just say that it was, but that i was ready for bed at 8:00 pm

let me start out by proclaiming my love for this picture. i love my boys...they crack me up...this is so portrait-esque of it. at the end of the day when i was tucking bryson in and saying his prayers he told me, " could watch me every day." awww - break my heart...i wish i could...but that isn't what we chose as parents...

secondly, let me say that i had been wanting to go here for mr. bodie o...we have 2 little strawberry plants that he is ob-sessed with...he goes over to them every day and says, "oooohhhh...sta-bee" he already picked them clean, so he knows what should come out of them. as soon as the wagon pulled up to the strawberry patch and bodie got to see the plants and what was under them he went nuts.

OOOOHHHH....OOOOHHHH...STA-BEE!!!! it was so funny...i think i laughed at him for a good 5 minutes and realized we needed to get a pickin to fill our little trays.

thirdly, let me say - it is kinda pricey to do - $13 for anyone over 3...but it was a lot of you get a bunch of strawberries...super amazing sweet strawberries i may add...

tanaka farms is in Irvine...which is crazy to me...i love it when you go to a place like this and forget where you are. the boys are super into our garden and picking fruit and veggies, so this was a pretty cool thing to show them!

that was only the first part of our day. on our way home bodie fell asleep so i put him down for a nap, and bryson and i laid down too. bryson asked for his strawberries and upon waking i find that he ate the ENTIRE pound (i think) of strawberries. oops...i should have limited them maybe? i was mother of the year yesterday i tell you. his lunch was strawberries and half a bag of popcorn. he is good on fiber for the next month.

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Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Agreed. $13 is way too much. Really fun trip to take, but that's a lot of money for what it is. Fun pics! I hope you make it through the rest of your weekend without your hubs. It's not easy!