Monday, May 17, 2010

BHS 20 Mile Fun Run

please don't get me wrong...i think being pregnant is just great...really...i do. its hard...sometimes it seems unbearable even...but the responsibility of creating another life is pretty life-altering amazing and i try not to take it for granted....especially since it is looking more and more like this may be the last pregnancy i experience...i am trying to love every minute of it...trying...not always succeeding...especially after a weekend like this.

we (my family, my brother, SIL and their family and my SIL's dad Rick and his wife Barb) went up to Bishop for the BHS 20 mile fun run. "FUN run?" you ask...and perhaps even repeat in a sarcastic tone...but yes, that is what it is called...i imagine because most of the runners running it are running it because they would rather be running in the 50K or 50 miler or perhaps the 100K but have some sort of an injury or just want to "take it easy" so they run the little 20 miler...

I think my SIL Mandie explained it best when she said how she looked around at the people wearing the 20 mile run bibs (those are the numbers you pin on yourself for the race people to note your time) and they all looked completely normal...then you look at the people in the 50 mile run bibs and they all look completely crazy. this is true. they are pretty nuts....we know this because of rick miller - mandie's dad. he and his wife have a love for ultra running. they are both so full of life and adventure and their spirit is contagious. so contagious that now we join them on their "fun runs". but he is a little crazy...i think you have to be certifiably in order to gear up for this run.

what is also pretty amazing to me about these ultra runners is that most are over 40 years old. they are so healthy...its pretty humbling to get your butt kicked in a run by a 60 year old...let me tell happens a lot.

i am so very proud of these brother namely. he got into running not that long ago. actually it was on a bet...he had consumed a few beers at the time and bet that he could beat me in a half marathon. the bet was that the loser had to either clean or pay someone to clean the winner's house. i tried to explain to him that i had an advantage because i had done it before...he didnt think it would be hard. and we did run it - me and bryan, jake and mandie and my brother-in-law and sister all ran in the Orange County 1/2 marathon in 2006 i think. anyway - i totally kicked his butt and the little booger never paid his debt....but i think it started a little spark somehow and got him into running. then we were introduced to trail running and fell even more in love. now the guy is way ahead of me on the trails...i can barely keep up with him - unless i get him on a day when his knee is hurting, then watch out! but honestly, he is inspiring to me and i love that we all have a hobby/sport we enjoy together...if you would have told me growing up that we would be spending time together as adults doing this i would have peed my pants laughing in your face.

bryan took some pics of the run on the trail on his phone, which i will try to get my hands on and post because it will probably make you second guess your earlier sarcastic "fun run" commentary.

(just to explain the pics - we waited for the runners around the 17 mile mark and cheered them on - bodie occupied himself throwing rocks in the water for about 1 1/2 hours - the second pic is of mandie, bryan and jake around 17 miles, the third is bryan at the finish line with his boys...and the fourth is what we did after the run - some fishin at Intake II)

speaking of fishing...i think bryson has discovered a new passion...oh my goodness did he go nuts over fishing. i mean - it does have everything he loves - water, worms, dirt, smelly things...sticks galore...trees to climb...he had a blast and it was so much fun to take him out. although after re-baiting his hook and untangling his line for the 145th time i was silently thanking the Lord that we get to come back in a month sans kids and fish...i love this place - part of me is home there - i can't wait for next month....and next year....when i become a participant and not just a cheerleader :)


Paige said...

Our friend Lane (who Jon grew up with and lives near SLO) got first in the 100K for his category. Seriously... he is crazy. Love him and his wife, but totally crazy.

Paige said...
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Erin said...

Hi! How fun! I didn't even know the BHS run had a 20 miler! It's so nice to meet someone who knows anything about trail running! Seriously no one knows about. And like you said, I'm totally addicted now. I just signed up for my first 50k. It's in August and I'm super excited. Nice to meet you!