Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandpa Darol's 83rd birthday. we went to my Aunt Susan and Uncle Kevin's house in Burbank and oh man, it was haaawwwtt! good thing they have a pool! but i didnt bring a suit, because the thought of me in a suit right now brings me to almost tears...

here is my Grandpa and his wife admiring the AMAZING carrot cake my Aunt Cindy made. seriously the best ever...i need that recipe!!

this is my Grandpa giving a thank you speech. he is such a sweet man. he is always telling us how beautiful we are, how smart we are, how we should be Miss America...every year for our birthdays *still* he sends us a card with a check for however old we are in my brother and his wife gave him a card with $83 in it...i thought that was so cute...then Jake said, "Grandpa if you get any older, we'll go broke!" which my Grandpa thought was hilarious...

my cousin Jason and his wife Tiffany and their 3 week old baby girl, Tate. look - she just gave birth 3 weeks kinda makes you want to kick her in the teeth...but she is too can't do she works hard at it - she is a physical trainer, so there is that. but they are just the cutest little family - i am so happy for them...and her flat jealousy at all!

bryson and his new haircut...daddy shaved it so short! but dont worry, we left the rat tail...much to my mother's utter disgust...he was in the pool all afternoon, of course! we miss our pool because it was great to wear him out...but knowing someone with a pool is always better than having one yourself :) this i know.

Bodie and their dog Shayna...Bodie is turning out to be quite the animal torturer lover.

and here we are - the whole gang...what a lovely bunch of people!

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