Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simple Fleece Hat

I had found a remnant of this yellow fleece at Joanns - it was $4 i think for almost a yard. i used some on the lion zoodie, but i was hoping it would come in handy for other things as well. i recently got Lotta Jansdotter's book - Simple Sewing for Baby and this little project popped out at me.

i really like her book and her instructions, and above all, the fact that the projects are not overwhelming. i had never sewn a hat before and this came together so so so so easily. seriously. i made it while Bryan was setting the table and finishing dinner. like 15 minutes. i added the little felt flower because it just felt like it needed a little sumthin sumthin...

i should make it a rule that i wont subject my boys to this much longer. and if i do, i won't publicly shame them as i am accustomed to doing. but how cute does he look? seriously...its a cute little hat.

i think i am going to try a few more projects in her book...for our baby to come. i know...sewing for my kids...what a concept!

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