Monday, May 3, 2010

Every Monday Matters -Monday #1 - What Matters Most

i hope i am not taking away from book sales doing this...but he does post this all on his site, so i dont think i am over-stepping? if it wasn't up there i wouldn't be so bold...but i want to journal this little journey, so here we go!

What Matters Most?

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This Monday (today, i guess) I am supposed to make a list of what matters most to me. I am also supposed to think about the time i spend on whatever it is i spend it on and compare it to the list - does it add up?

Also - if you have kids (probably over 3 would make the most sense) start asking them what is important in kid language. if you have kids under 3, or just as a good general practice, make a list of what you WANT to matter as a family - your family motto or big picture statements or mantra.

What Matters Most:

its hard to say what matters most to me in a list because i feel like they are all inter-changeable at one time or another and if i were to list out everything that matters most the list would be a mile long...but i do have to say that comparing this list to where i spend my time every week is a reminder that i need to spend more time in the Word....that needs to become a part of my daily rhythm and it hasn't been.

Today, probably in the car since that is the only way to have a conversation with Bryson where he isnt running or shooting something, we will have a conversation about what matters to him...and to our family...a conversation that should probably be ongoing!

so...there you easy week...i peeked and next week is about turning off the TV for a week (why did i pick this book during the play-offs? maybe weeks can be interchangeable here :)

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

When we were little, my parents never had the radio on in the car. It always drove me nuts, but just reading this, it makes me wonder if it was also about having a captive audience and forced conversation. ; )