Monday, May 24, 2010

Every Monday Matters - Monday #4 - Prepare for an Emergency

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Take Action Today:
1. Develop a Family Communication Plan by selecting a person outside your local area for everyone to call in case of an emergency.

2.Designate a primary and secondary meeting locaton

3. Create an emergency supply kit containing a 3 day supply of the following:
water, food, first aid, towelettes, garbage bags, flashlight, batteries, maps, whistle, dust masks, tools, can opener and cash.

so...i am so so bad at this type of thing. remember Y2K? there was all this hubbub about emergency kits then...i was in college so i was like, who cares? but now that i have seems to matter...i should do this...i am giving myself till the end of the week to do it...

do you already have an emergency kit for your family? what other items do you suggest i put in?