Monday, May 3, 2010

lazy garden update

our garden just popped out in the past week i feel. everything planted in the mel's mix has gone nuts. i did an experiment and planted everything in the top box in mel's and everything in the bottom is organic potting soil...okay not so much an experiment as i didnt buy enough mel's mix cause i apparently am horrible at math and cubic feet...everything in the mel's mix (not sure if this comes through in the picture) is also greener - prettier - healthier looking. i seriously love this stuff, can't you tell? the secret is to get it nice and soaked...let it be a little sponge...that way our socal heat everything doesnt fry up! its hard though - you feel like you are over-watering...but we havent done that yet...and you dont need to do it every day either...i think its more water totally making that up...i also think mel's mix is a great mud mask...i made that up too.

bryson and bodie have been enjoying the strawberries as they come...if they dont, then some uninvited guest of some sort will!

speaking of unwanted guests....we have quite a few snails...i am thinking of trying a tip i once heard of digging a hole and placing a cup of beer in the soil next to the plants the snails love (i.e. lettuce and spinach) and the sweetness of the beer attracts them and drowns them...anyone done this? not sure if it will work or if i will just end up with a bunch of drunken snails (hey - that would make a great band name)

our other unwanted garden guest is bodie...we need to really fence off the whole garden because he likes to play golf with the watermelon seedlings....yeah...bryan is not so happy about that!

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