Tuesday, May 18, 2010


this is gunna make some TMAFI alums quite anxious for june to come...this is fishing at Intake II. quite possibly the ugliest lake up in the Bishop Creek area. i usually hate going to this lake and i dont believe i have ever caught anything there...its not a natural lake, which is why i probably don't like it so much.
due to the unusually long winter up in the Sierras, a lot of the lakes that would normally be open were still frozen over. (dont despair TMAFI-ers....the ice is melting approximately 1 inch per day, it should be fine for our arrival....lower than normal, but fine). anyway - due to those long winters this was one of the only lakes up there available to fish. i did have some luck, and so did bryan....and being the super cool, nice, rad, amazing mommy that i am....i even let bryson reel one of my fish in...should i mention here that i didnt do that last year and that bryan gives me a hard time about it still....i have matured bryan...look...here is proof....our son holding one of MY fish...i am so mature sometimes its hard to stand...

this picture is when we met the runners and bryson kept himself busy "fishing" the stream....i say it like that because i had put some dinky lure on his line so i didnt have to keep re-baiting for him....why is he in his pajamas you ask? well....i was so obsessed with following bodie around and making sure he didnt fall in the creek, when i looked over and saw poor bryson up to his neck...he was trying to jump across and fell a little short...all i had in my car was p.j.s...

and here is the little fisherman in a rare moment sitting. i am excited that he is so into fishing. it will be neat to bring the boys up every year and have them become familiar with the place so dear to my heart. my favorite part about fishing with bryson and my brother is that when i caught the second fish he went and showed my brother (who was not so lucky) and shouted, "uncle jake, look my mom caught another fish! do you want her to show you how?" if you know my brother....or have a big brother yourself....you will know how utterly, completely awesome that was.

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