Sunday, May 2, 2010


yesterday (saturday) as such an example of how we as a family love to live. i love days like this where there are no boundaries or set plans or places to go or schedules...we can all just do as we please, and most of it is together.

it was a gorgeous day.  i mean gorgeous. (thank you winds) and so when we woke and meandered about we thought it would be best to head here for breakfast.  i am rarely up for the *usual* 1 hour wait, but today it was worth it - its right in the marina and outside and yummy food and a good start to the day. we took a nice long 40 minute walk before breakfast to look at starfish in the marina and breathe in the *unusually* fresh air.

after breakfast we went on a bike ride to auntie's (& uncle's...but to bryson its auntie's) and said hi and hung for a bit until i got sick of bodie trying to drink stagnant nasty pond scum water in a fountain for a whole half hour. we rode home and there was some golfing done and dirt dug and i even got to nap when Bodie went down...amazing...

here is a rare shot of me on my bike...i dont think the belly is going to fit behind Bodie much longer :)

the day was filled with little pockets of time - i was able to clean up here and there and cook here and there and even sew a tad in between chasing and tickling and changing diapers and kissing my husband and posting stuff to the shop. i have found that in order to feel more complete i have had to find the time to do things amidst the rhythm of the day, rather than being able to have a day to myself. cause thats not gunna happen...lets be real. in fact, even when i am given an afternoon to myself, i begin to miss my family and the chaos quicker than i thought i would.

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