Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Hollow

we went up north to San Jose for Mother's Day and surprised my mother-in-law. we like to drive up during the night when the boys sleep so that we can actually *gasp* talk and have a few hours of peace in the car. it stinks to get there at 1:30 in the morning, but the other alternative is constantly throwing objects/food back at Bodie and explaining to Bryson a million times that it takes a loooong time to go to Meema and Papas...so we'll suffer for sanity.

anyway, we went up Thur night so had the day Friday while the in-laws worked and i had always wanted to take the boys to Happy Hollow. last time we tried to go it was being renovated, so i was happy to hear that it was now open. Bryan was less than psyched because he used to go there as a kid and it was ghetto apparently. i tried to explain that things are different now...Happy Hollow has come into some money and is on the up and up. he obliged.

oh my goodness did the boys have fun. the place was kinda random (and expensive $12 per any person over 2) but there was a zoo and free rides for the kids (read: long lines) and a lot for them to do. it was perfect for the pre-schoolers - i think over 6 might get a little bored, but my kids had a blast.

There was a playground all decorated like redwood trees with big ole slides and climbing nets. i have never seen bryson so excited. he was literally screaming on the way down "wuuuuu...this is soooo much fun!" i mean - i take that boy to fun places....we have passes to Dland for goodness sakes, but this little play area was it for him. we peeled him from the slides long enough to make our way to the petting zoo and Bodie fell in love.

This deserves a collage. this was so stinkin funny. i am still laughing. hard. i have never seen a child react to a goat in this way. and i should know. i grew up with 2 goats. daisy and sweet pea. true story. so i have seen a lot kids react to goats and never have i seen one make out with them. he was in love with these goats. he just grabbed them and hugged on them and the funniest part was when he walked through the entire little area with his right arm headlocking the goat - the goat did not seem to mind either....everyone was cracking up. including us. still.

we peeled bodie off the goats and made our way around the rest of the park. it was such a fun day. i love having Bryan around especially at places like this...

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