Monday, February 9, 2009

Lost Vegas

lost vegas...that is what bryson kept calling it. very appropriate i thought...we went down with the fam for my niece (Hope)'s cheer competition. Her team got third at nationals! Hope did so well i was so proud of her and couldn't help get flashbacks of high school competitions...oh the days...the make-up and fake hair...anyway - hope cracks me up. when we got in on thursday hope was sleeping and the rest of her family was up - she went to bed early because she "needed her beauty sleep" - hilarious! we ended up having a great time - probably one of the most fun times i have had in vegas...very different than say my mom's bachelorette party or jena, ruthie and i's 21st birthday celebration....but a great vegas trip. hope's competition was on friday and on saturday bryan, sara-britt and i (and bodie via moby) went to the Bodie's exhibit at the Luxor. It was absolutely amazing. it was great to have Sara there too - to explain half the things we were seeing. We then met up with the rest of the family and did some bowling...Bryson almost beat my brother...i just have to add that...bryson did have bumpers but weak is my brother? After bowling we had a quick lunch and then saw Coraline. So amazing...probably one of the most amazing movies i have seen since...i dont know when. it was in 3-D which was also again amazing...i still can not get over the detail of the whole movie. ever since bryan did his own stop-motion movie for his party anthem song - i have a new appreciation for the amount of detail and work and energy that goes into it. i read somewhere that Coraline took 3 years to make...amazing. anyway - go see it and see for yourself! After the movie we headed back home and took a dip in the jacuzzi and then had pizza and played catchphrase and scene it - i still dont know who ended up winning either game...we sorta debated more than we played....the johnson way i guess! this was our first car ride in our new car and the DVD player was amazing...bryan and sara and i were able to have an actual CONVERSATION...crazy...i almost forgot how to do it!
There were a lot of firsts for Bodie too - first road trip, first time to another state, first time gambling (in daddy's arms while playing slots. he got kicked out of the casino portion. i thought it one of our better moments in parenting.) first time with a "sitter" (we had katlyn watch him while we went down the street to the Outdoor World casino - i won $150! i played craps with a bunch of old men who were seriously impressed with my skills - if you are a girl you just say stuff like "dollar boxcars" and "cover my hardways" and old vegas men think its really cool) we were only gone a couple of hours and he slept the entire time, but it was so strange to be apart! Bodie did so great - in the car and being carted around all day in the moby...he is such an agreeable baby...i am still not used to it! i realized too from some of these pictures that he is starting to get some color! thankfully he inherited my eye color and not my skin color!

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