Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Bryan snapped this shot before he left this morning. bryson has on his "party shirt" because we got all ready for Charlotte's 2nd birthday party and then Daddy left with the camera and so we didnt get any pictures of the party! arghhh...but i realized that this is one of the first pics of me and my boys. i look sorta funny in this picture...i dont believe i had my coffee yet and bryson's smile is so forced, but both of them are looking at the camera, so that is bonus points as far as i am concerned! Charlotte's party went so well - the kids all had a fun time - no serious injuries and us mommas even got to chat a bit...amazing when that happens! i can't believe my little goddaughter is already 2 years old! i feel like we were just at her 1 year party a month ago. she is so precious too - talking up a storm and playing with all the boys like a champ and leading little Ella Jayne around - she has such a great spirit about her - her laugh is infectious and her smile is heart-melting. she is a natural leader and you can tell she is going to go places! i can not wait to see what kind of big sister she is going to be! i love you sweetie

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