Tuesday, February 24, 2009

potty training tips

so just a tip in case you are potty-training a boy. if you are stuck in the car in a big parking lot in the midst of running errands and also happen to be nursing a baby and your toddler tells you he needs to pee - you should probably just stop what you are doing and run to the nearest bathroom, even if it is super far. whatever you do dont tell that toddler to pee inside a water bottle because it is a potty emergency. if you do that you may just have that toddler ask you about 50 times a day if he can pee in a bottle - even after you asked him to be quiet about the peeing in the bottle thing. even after you explained to him 10 times that mommy only had him pee in the bottle because there were no toilets around and we do not pee in bottles...that will not matter to him and he may continue to ask you another 50 times if he can pee in a bottle, and if not a bottle than a tree or a bush. happy parenting!

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Kaci Lundgren said...

Ha ha ha!!! I love it!!! I let sam pee under a tree at the park and then I would just catch him doing it other times when I wasn't watching.