Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Lesson in Money...

Bryson has been asking for a camera every day since christmas when he saw his cousin Kelsey's V-tech camera for kids. It is a bummer that his birthday and christmas are so close together because he has an onslaught of toys and then a 10 month drought if you will.

We told him that he needed to save up his money if he wanted something, so he has been collecting coins and putting them away. he also got $5 from donny from jumping in the pool about a month ago while they were in the jacuzzi. i also included my change bank in on the fun since today we had a lesson in money and saving and tithing.

We counted all his change - put away some for Jesus and then went to the bank and put some of it in the bank for savings and then he took the rest to Best Buy to purchase his first camera - a Diego camera - surrounded in rubber - perfect for a 3 yr old. Bryson will probably find a way to break it...he always does...but he is so excited about it for now! He actually took some pretty cool pictures with our other camera that i will post for him here...

because he wanted to "put pictures and numbers (he calls letters numbers still) on the compooter like mommy"

i thought bryson was too young to begin learning about money, but it turned out this is a perfect time for him since he loves collecting coins so much...now he can see what all that collecting can do! i have heard about this book from several different parents - Raising Financially Fit Kids - and what better time than a penny pichining economy to start!

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