Friday, February 13, 2009

the first pic

i found this picture this morning whilst searching for other pictures...dont ask me why i said whilst...anyway - i thought the picture from yesterday's post was my first picture with my boys, but i was wrong - this was taken on christmas eve - bodie's birthday. i had a precious time with bryson and bodie as bryson was trying to wrap his little brain around the new addition and we all ended up falling asleep around 5pm - it was heart-wrenching when we tried to put bryson in his bed that night - all he wanted was to sleep in our bed and he couldnt because of the baby. i had never heard him cry like he did that night. it broke my heart. bryson has come a long way since then and is doing so wonderfully with bodie. and bodie is no longer that is also an improvement...i am still tired...that won't change, but luckily my hormones have calmed down a bit...oh who am i kidding? no they havent!

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JJ said...

presh little fam!