Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Months Old

Bodie - you are 2 months old today. you are growing so much! probably due to the fact of how great an eater you are! you nurse about every 2-3 hours during the day (more like 2) and have been sleeping loooong stretches at night - you usually go down around 10pm and wake around 4 or 5. i thank you for that. you at 2 months sleep better than your brother at 3 years...which is a little indication of how different you two are already! you are in love with your brother. anytime he talks to you and says "goo" you immediately burst into a smile. you rolled over the other day and you are so muscly...anyone that holds you immediately comments on how strong you are - how big you are - and most comment on how much you look like daddy. you have a contagious smile - you glow when you smile and you smile a lot! i dont think i have heard you cry in about 2 weeks...you still prefer to grunt, which is amazing - i didn't know that was possible! you love the moby and usually live inside there during the day. you like to make cute noises and don't mind being held by anyone...so long as you are being held. you are such a joy of a baby and make me want to have 10 more...okay maybe not 10, but i definitely want another as soon as you aren't a baby anymore because i am loving this so much!

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