Monday, February 23, 2009

Lasagna Recipe Review

we got this amazing cookbook from joel and it. we have made several things from pork butt, holiday cookies, pancakes, all types of name it this book has it. one of my new years resolutions is to make more italian food for my italian husband and i always seem to screw up lasagna. should be easy right? i never layer right...i am horrible at spatial anything. i can't pack the car to save my life...bryan hates my the whole task of saving the meat and cheese to last several layers never happens with me. my lasagna is usually like 2 layers...i think it supposed to be like 5 or 6. oh well...i'll never win a lasagna life will go on. even though my layers weren't great - the lasagna turned out really good. it was an herbed meatball lasagna with parmesan and mozzarella - no ricotta. the book always gives a little tidbit about the different recipes they tried and they blame ricotta for "lasagna meltdown"...i thought that was pretty funny...i kept saying it like it was a crisis - "oh no - we have a lasagna meltdown...mayday mayday" okay not so much funny outside of my head, but was my first time making meatballs and they were awesome and i did not miss the ricotta at all. i think bryan did...he said it was really good, but one time i tried to make a "low-fat" version of lasagna and substituted cottage cheese for ricotta - not a good thing. turns out that is like a crime in italy and my husband was very upset about this...still won't let me live it down. i would share the recipe with you, but it is SUPER long and detailed and really - you should have this book anyway.


The BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

I can't taste the difference between ricotta and cottage cheese, therefore I ALWAYS make it the low fat way...then again, I load extra meat, cheese, and sauce, so it aint so low fat anymore. Ha!

Looks yummy, cuz!

Rashelle said...

I am so glad you posted this. Charlotte overheard you and I speaking of The New Best Recipe and she was going to buy it as a thank you for hosting her party. I'll have to tell her to think of something else you'll love :)