Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Journal Entry #8 - 4th of July!

This Fourth was pretty chill - which was really nice. The Douglas' came over in the morning with their gang and we rode down together to the bike parade. After our ride back home bobby napped...the bigger boys played in the backyard...bryan grilled...i cleaned...then later we had a few people stop in to enjoy some ribs (we had a little "rib off" with our neighbor Jim) and watch the diet coke/mento bombs out in the street. Last year someone (Becky?) gave us a special tool  to make the bombs since last 4th we tried several different attempts to make our own with a semi-anti-climactic finish. This tool was AWESOME! I highly recommend giving a 7 year old boy this plus a 2 liter of diet coke as a birthday present. pretty rad. the only thing is that after pulling the plug and stepping back, bryson and bobby were running through it...loving it. so gross...but i guess so fun? for them? anyway - i had to hose them down but they loved it. we didn't do fireworks this year - just hung out in the backyard with friends and family and good conversation. it was lovely, truly. 

(To See Bryson's journal entry about the fourth - click here!)

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