Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Journal Entry #7 - Public Transportation Day

On the bus

On the Aqualink
Enjoying the inside of the Aqualink

Picnic/Hill Slide at the Lighthouse


I have done this whole route a couple times before, but this was my first time attempting it solo. It was fine and the boys (and myself) were appropriately tired out afterward and we enjoyed a very chill afternoon. Good times when that happens!

We started at our house and took the bus downtown. The boys loved the bus ride - bodie and bryson sat across the aisle and fought about who got to pull the yellow cord the WHOLE way. pulling the yellow cord is like the ultimate...dont you know? it changes your life. whatevs. This time around I made a point to show Bryson the signs at the bus stop and had him read and tell me where the buses are going and how to look for the bus number on the bus. We then walked down pine all the way to where the Aqualink docks...then kept going around until we got to the lighthouse. We had about 45 minutes to kill so it was the perfect amount of running around/snacking time before it was time to board the Aqualink.

The boys ran up and down that hill below the lighthouse at least 15 times...i tend to exaggerate, but 15 is a conservative guess...i would say it is probably closer to 20...they did it a lot is my point. and giggled every time they came down. it really was one of the cutest things. I loved rolling down hills as a kid - and watching them for that moment brought back that joy - that unbridled childhood joy. it is a good hill! 

We hopped on the Aqualink and i thought the boys would love it on the deck and they did not so much. bodie and bobby both preferred to be inside. bryson wanted to be outside, but i couldn't seem to be okay with him being up there alone...so for half the time i made 2 of them miserable and the other half i made 1 of them miserable and somehow we all ended the trip with a happy memory. I think that is just the lesson with having multiple kids...there is very very rarely a way to make all of them happy at the same time...sometimes it is about who will be the least upset is how i make my decision. this is all character strengthening good stuff i firmly believe in. anyway...we walked back and bobby fell asleep in the stroller on the way home, which hasnt happened in like a million years - so i know it was a good day! I just wish i could be successful in convincing other mamas to come along with me! 

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