Monday, June 6, 2011

I Love It! Party Edition

i am hosting a couple parties in a few months - a one year birthday party for my baby bobby and a bridal shower for a dear mind has been whirling with ideas and the internet lends *way too much* inspiration!

1. These fabric lanterns would brighten up any party! (via funkytime)

2. Cutest Idea for a Party...if only i could get up that early and be functional to throw it! (via cakies)

3. I am thinking of making a special "apple" garland for Bobby's birthday - maybe like this, but with apples? (via Made by Joel)

4. or maybe i have to do this...even my dusty crochet skills could whip this up! (via Prudent Baby)

5. i have the cutest apple fabric...maybe some *super simple* kids aprons to do some fun and messy apple crafts? or perhaps some treasure bags...or something else? thoughts?

6. this backyard wedding looks amazing and i LOVE these hanging vases! (via the sweetest occasion)

7. these chalkboard glasses are so cute and i am thinking i will need a good punch recipe for that baby shower!

8. i just got this beautiful tablecloth and can't wait for a party to use it! (via carlyscurations)

9. i have been wanting to make these since i saw them in readymade...maybe a party is a perfect excuse! (via readymade)

10. when i think of fabulous backyard parties...i think of ina garten...maybe i need this book!

1 comment:

Paige said...

I love those hanging bottles! So awesome. I just made a quick stencil and used a spray bottle of chalk board pain on mason jars for Jon's 30th... They worked really well. Maybe you could do that with holes drilled in the top?

Also, have you seen the solar powered hanging paper lanterns that IKEA did as part of their summer stuff this year. I want them so bad!