Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Kick Off Party

Last friday the weather was so nice, i couldn't even think about staying we picked up some burritos and went down to our local park and there happened to be a summer kick off party hosted by LB Parks and Rec. it was so fun because we happened upon it and were some of the first there to enjoy the bouncy slide, the giant balls that the kids could go inside of, the free popcorn and of course the Journey cover band. i think most people thought they were funny...but my husband was seriously excited. he loves him some knows all the cracks me up.

Anyway...made me so excited for summer...we ate watermelon, had a picnic, played some baseball, climbed trees, ran in the grass, stayed until the sun was *almost* down and that cool breeze kicked in. wonderful, magical night!

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Whitney Hannah Hill said...

So fun - missing LB big time this week - weather, friends, my fave places...funny because it's actually beautiful here now...summer is in full swing...boating, bbq's, etc. But, it's all bittersweet. Anyway - looks like fun! Hope you are well....