Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why cute old ladies are sometimes the worst!

I feel like I have to blog about this because this incident happened at noon today and I am still upset about it. I was at trader joes with all 3 boys...Bobby in the ergo...bodie in the cart ( which he HATES) and Bryson walking next to me...I try not to grocery shop with all of them but it could not be helped today...anyway...bodie took his hat off and threw it down...I didnt see him do it and asked Bryson why the hat was on the ground...before he could answer this older lady (probably 80 or so) told me..."it was him in the cart! I saw him" hmmmm...I thought..."I'm not surprised" I said. Bryson picked it up and gave it to me and then that little old lady said in a nasty voice, "so...is he going to live the rest of his life having other people pick up after him?"

Uhhhhhhh....shocked that she would say such a bold and rude thing I said, "well...no...but he is 2....and he is in the cart"

What I Wanted to say was...."what do you expect me to do? Oh wise one who knows how to raise strangers' children? Lift 32 pounds out of the cart, while carrying an additional 20 pounds on my chest to make him pick up a hat and teach him a lesson he doesn't have the capability to understand?"

I think why I am so upset (usually i let it roll off my back) is that there has been about 10 different experiences like that my husband and I have had with older people and I just can not help but think how much more powerful and empactful they could have been with a little grace and a tender heart. I hope that when I am older I won't forget how difficult this phase in life is and that I show other parents grace and am able to be a tiny little positive influence in their day...

Have you guys Experienced this phenomena too or is it just me?


Amber said...

Man that old lady is nasty! Your story reminds me of a song by Ani DiFranco that I'm sure I tortured you with in college. It's called Back Back Back:

"Who are these old old people
In these nursing homes
Scowling away at nothing
Like big rag dolls just cursing at the walls
And pulling out all of their stuffing
Every day is a door leading back to the core
Yes, old age will distill you
And if you’re this this this full of bitterness now
Some day it will just fill you,

When you sit right down in the middle of yourself
You’re gonna wanna have a comfortable chair
So renovate your soul before you get too old
Cuz you’re gonna be housebound there"

Always makes me think about practicing kindness now so that I don't end up a cranky old lady. Hope you guys are doing well, LOVE the blog!

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Oh wow - pretty unbelievable. I wouldn't have been able to think of anything on the spot, but I would think about it all day long and come up with plenty given the time to think about it. I just don't understand why anyone would say anything like that to a stranger. Well, it wouldn't really be all that appropriate to a friend, either. So judgmental. I feel like there have been things like that here and there when I am out, but I can't remember any of them. (thank goodness) I don't think I'll ever forget how crazy this time is - so I hope that I will remember to show grace to young mamas. ;)

DG said...

I lost my cool once, not that its an excuse, but it was a hellacious day. Camilla (2) still uses a pacifier. An old lady (not like glacier old, but maybe, eh 65) said, "she really should not be having a pacifier." I retorted, "you really should mind your own damn business." It was not my finest moment, but yes, I've been there!