Monday, June 20, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Dressing Up for the Last Day of School

Bryson's last day of pre-school was last sad...he will never be a pre-schooler again...i am having trouble with this...this whole kindergarten thing...big troubles...i know i am not the first, but still, its a first for i can whine a little...right?

so anyway - he was getting dressed and told me he wanted a sweater, not a sweatshirt - so i gave him his cardigan and then he told me he needed his bow tie (of course as we were walking rushing out the door) and so i ran to his dress-up box and found his tie - "what about your tie?" he said "mooooommmmm....i can't wear my tie...i'll look like a business man!" what? "what do you look like when you wear your bow tie then?" i asked....and he replied, "a gentleman" - well - i of course couldnt argue with that logic...and i didnt even begin to argue that it is completely inappropriate to wear a bow tie without a collar...i just went back and dug around and found one for the little booger...but i had to snap some pics, especially after i came back to give him his bow tie to find bodie sporting the business man/dino look

On Bodie:
Dino Zoodie - by Sweet B
Tie - H&M
Shorts - Circo for Target
Shoes - Puma

he is killing me with these poses!

On Bryson:
Hat - Circo for Target
Cardigan - American Apparel
Bowtie - Diggy and Me on Etsy
Shorts Pants Shants (i am pretty sure on boys they arent capris right?) - H&M
Shoes - Puma

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