Friday, June 3, 2011

T-Shirt Fun - Summer Style

we recently had a little summer shopping spree at H&M. I love their boys' stuff...especially their shorts and pants, but i can never resist some of their cute Ts for $5...they are made very well too and hold up...some of ours have held up to 3 boys...3 very dirty and hard playing boys!

so i wanted to add a little something to the shirts...especially the white one, because without anything on it, all you will see is all kinds of stains...i would have never gotten white, but it came in a 2 pack with the green stripe one below and bryson "weally weally wanted it, mom! its green! my favorite color!"

i let the boys "help" in that they got to pick what went on the shirts and the colors...i would normally let Bryson do more, but we were in a time crunch and i had all 3 boys and bobby may have picked up a paint bottle and sucked it...i doubt he got any...but had to be quick.

bodie was very adamant that he wanted a green "airpane gotcher" (i think he says airplane helicopter, but not entirely sure of that). and bryson wanted all the different colors of planes. when i started i realized (with the green one) i realized i did it upside i had to be a little creative...woops!

the caterpillar shirt was also bryson's cute! he made his teacher put a caterpillar in a yogurt can with foil on top last week...speaking of which...where did that go? so he has had caterpillar on the brain a little bit.


i told him to pose...i honestly don't know where this came from. these shorts are also from H&M - we got them last year and they finally fit him this year! 

this was the best shot i could get of the little booger in his shirt. he kept pulling it out to look at the airplane and tracing his finger along the cute!

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Paige said...


Bryson's pose is killing me over here!

I love what you do to their shirts... I always get shirts with the intention of decorating them, but I can never seem to bring myself to actually do it... I just really really like plain shirts.