Monday, June 13, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Manly Cowboy

i am really hoping that bryson and i have the type of relationship growing up that he too realizes how funny he is and doesn't hate me for posting pictures like this...because this is awesome. my brother supplies weapons to my boys because he knows i refuse to buy them (except light sabers...i know double standard, but i can't help my seeps out everywhere) so anyway...he told bryson he would bring him back a gun when he went to Texas and it was a pink brother thought he was so funny...ha ha girls gun! bryson did not care AT ALL...he was so stoked! ha! take that Jake!

On Bryson:
Cowboy Hat - Western Store in Los Olivos
Bandana- Apple Likes Orange
Shirt - Vintage (it was Bryan's soccer team when he was 5)
Belt - part of a tool belt
Jeans - Osh Kosh
Cowboy Boots - Western Store in Modesto
Horse - Sweet B (my first dopey horse!)

Can you see that dopey horse laying down in the background? that was my sister's when she was little that my mom made - still holding up almost 30 years later...its been my "pattern" for my horsies.

On Bodie:
Hat - Angels...go Angels!
Bandana - Apple Likes Orange
Shirt - Circa for Target
Shorts - Children's Place
Shoes - Nike

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