Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mid Week Vay-Cay

we work from home. we own and run our business, which has meant for the past *almost* 10 years - no vacations...i mean, we have been able to take long weekends, but we have always carried our business with us - dealing with customer issues in the airport - in line at disneyland - in the hospital the day after the birth of our first child...you get it...anyway - we try to not feel chained, so occasionally we will take a day off mid-week and go somewhere - we have done this locally, but we have also gone off to Catalina, to Santa Barbara, to Disneyland...and a couple weeks ago we made it down to La Jolla.

Bryan's mom was in a tournament and as a last minute kind of thing - we booked a hotel room (using our rewards points...love that!) and were tourists for a day. we took it easy - went down to the cove and said hi to the sea lions and shopped around a bit - went back to the hotel and had room service and hit the spa and put the kiddos to bed.

bryan and i even got to go out after the boys were sleeping and had dessert at a fondue place - it was so nice! i sometimes dread staying overnight places with 3 kids, especially in the same room...we have had some awful nights, but it usually always ends up being worth it - and even easy like this night was (thanks to a special meema helping!)

so fun and the kids loved the hotel and it was nice to not have to clean up for a day! san diego is so close - i sometimes forget it is there, but we must make a point to mid-week vay-cay there more often!

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