Thursday, May 5, 2011

Corners of our Home - Where we eat!

I love when people show corners of their has helped me tackle design issues with the approach of "a little here...a little there" and i quite enjoy the pace of that!

This corner has been coming together over the course of the year and 5 months we have lived here. we didn't have a table for a while and then came the need to get one and luckily we found this one at a garage sale in San Jose for $5...i love it! Bryan spray-painted it and may have sanded it...but that is it! steel bottom and wood top and it fits perfect in the little spot...pretty soon we'll need 5 chairs! I love this little corner because we spend so much time here and it is quite comfortable...but also because it mixes a lot of my favorite elements - thrifted, vintage, modern, handmade...a big jumble of ideas that somehow seem to fit together!

1. "Business Man" Mixed Media by Retro Whale
2. "Lets Go Camping Mixed Media by Retro Whale
3. Anka High Chair by Svan
4. Table - Thrifted, Chairs from Target - (uh-oh...don't see them in white...hope there is one in the store!), Placemats from Ikea, Jar from Flea-market and mums from trader joe's :)
5. "B is for..." Prints by Finny and Zook
6. "My Quiet Forest" Print by Ashley Goldberg (i love this print because i feel like it is me in a Max suit)

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Paige said...

Totally had the same mums, in a jar, on our table, when you posted this. Forgot until just now.