Friday, May 6, 2011

Barnes Fashion - Beach Edition

i love seeing all the cute posts lately of chic little girls in their vintage gear...its sad though because i don't often see a lot of boys with style...i thought i would join in the exploitive love and showcase my boys' amazing eyes for design. as you can see, they both dressed themselves (my older son even dressed his favorite frog himself too!) for a day at the beach. i didn't even see what they were wearing until i was putting them in the car and made them pose for me...which, as you can see they were super shy about...

W.Y. the frog is wearing a swimsuit from Old Navy

Bryson (left) is wearing 
shoes and bathing suit from Old Navy
shirt by Sweet B
Tool Belt (courtesy of his babysitter Sarah)

Bodie (right) is wearing 
golfers cap by Kid In The Hat 
San Francisco Shirt - Thrifted
Swimsuit - Old Navy
Rainboots - Hunter

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