Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love it! Random Edition

1. i hate pigeons...freakin flyin rats...always have...still do not like Bert from Sesame Street because of it...i think i need this print from Sophie Blackall

2. ugh...i really feel like i need to teach bryson how to tie his shoes before he turns 6...but i rarely buy him shoes with laces...maybe he needs these cool kicks...from Bensimon via Gilt

3. i so...so...so don't need a black dress...but there is this wedding coming up and the dress code is black and white and this dress is oh so cute...and oh so out of my price range...by Alice + Olivia via Gilt

4. OH GOODNESS! How i LOVE this marketing campaign...and how i LOVE my Tom's! Can't wait to see what it is! (Thanks V for the heads up!)

5. i simply can not wait for this show to begin May 26th!!! here is a little video from the BBC version...golly...note to self...i MUST get the BBC version!

6. Speaking of dancing...now that i am taking weekly classes and buying dance gear again for the first time in 14 years...how did i ever live without these tights? they are NOT just for dance...you would fall in love too!

7. i need to write more love notes to my husband! these cards by Seraph are darling!

8. am in love with this song

9. is it possible to have too many "B"s? via Moxiethrift

10. love this picture and love me some lilikoi!

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