Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bobby Appleseed

I posted earlier last week on the update on Bodie's Pomegranate tree...looking at it over the weekend made me realize that I had another placenta in my freezer...and have had it there for 8 months! yikes! We decided to get an apple tree for Bobby...a Gala Apple Tree to be exact...and I finally got it and planted the placenta recently.

This trip was very memorable for me and it makes sense that he have an Apple tree, since they are ready to harvest around his birthday. (that is also why Bodie got the pomegranate tree).

Bryan made me do all the nasty work since last time he almost fainted. i was totally fine with it all too (this may be TMI but i had to cut it up so it wouldnt kill the roots) i just tried not to think about it all and did a little mental hum while i was doing wasnt until later - bryson got a stick and went over to the pot and told me he was going to find some placenta...i instantly started gagging whilst screaming at him to STOP!! oh gawsh...could you imagine? no...on second thought...don't...wipe that from your brain...happy thoughts!

He seems quite pleased with it. And with all the applesauce and apple gnawing going on I am sure he will be a huge fan! 

Does this diaper make my butt look big? I double-stuffed...ha! 

PS...i also decided to do an apple theme for bobby's birthday (which is 4 months away)...can i tell you how amazing this is? this "planning ahead" business? i already found apple tableclothes on sale...i can start crafts and not feel overwhelmed...i need to do more of is life changing!

Look....Wrestling Already!

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Paige said...

Love the apple idea! Both tree and party, though naturally my first thought was the party ;)

We STILL need to do this with Hanks placenta. Though, in my defense, it is still at my moms house. Arranging to transport it from Ventura is tricky...