Monday, May 23, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Boots and Baseball Hats

this is a kinda funny true story...the other weekend i went to santa barbara with my best friend. we were walking down state street admiring all the beautiful people and then this "lady" walked by and she was wearing the most bizarre outfit - a sequined top like she was gunna go clubbin' - a (way too tight) mini-skirt that did not match aforementioned shoes and a baseball cap. we both furrowed our brows and looked at each other and wondered how someone could leave the house thinking that outfit would be okay. but we both agreed that the baseball hat completed the outfit...

fast forward to this...

i swear...i do not dress Bryson anymore...i pick out Bodie's shirt and pants most days (some days he has a certain shirt he wants to wear...usually kite shirt or charlie brown shirt). but bodie is very particular about his shoes and hat. he loves wearing hats and most days he has one on...which i think is funny...

On Bryson (right)

Shirt - 
Cardigan - American Apparel (He buttoned it himself)
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Cowboy Boots from a Western Store in Modesto
Wobble Goggles - From our trip to see the Imagination Movers
Hat - Its his Little League Team Hat - The River Cats!

On Bodie (left)

Shirt - Circo by Target and Embellished by Sweet B
Jeans - Hand-Me-Downs from H&M
Shoes - Nike
Hat - Target

i love that they have the freedom to dress in cowboy boots and wobble goggles...i love that bryson is excited to pick out an outfit and it makes me happy they are such care-free dressers...because all too soon they will start wanting to dress like all their friends and may lose a little of this imaginary i am going to keep documenting their amazing sense of style!

Bodie is studying his big brother's poses and amazing fashion abilities.

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