Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Update - Spring in Bloom!

my favorite weed ever! this lilikoi (passionfruit) plant found its way into our yard last fruited and we got about 40 lilikois...this year though...holy crow! check it out! the second picture gives you an idea of how much it has overtaken our is currently making a not so perdy tree quite decorative! it is all around our back trellis and up this tree - amazing! i won't be surprised if we get twice the amount from last year...or more!

I am lucky to know some gals from Hawaii and one of them shared her father's lilikoi sauce and lilikoi jelly recipe with me. i totally botched the sauce (because i didnt read the directions exactly, not because the recipe is no good)...and i liked the jelly, but think i could make it stronger, especially with all the fruit we will be getting it should be amazing! By the way...i get the most random e-mails from strangers that tell me they tried the recipes and it turned out great and asking me about them...i guess there isn't too much on the internet? it makes me laugh a little because i didn't even know what i had growing until i showed a gardener a picture of the bizarre flower on my phone! now i am an expert...gotta love the web!

and here is our cucumbers...2 of them got picked today to make refrigerator pickles...i have never done it before today, so if they are any good i'll share with you what i did...if they are no good, we'll just pretend it never happened, k? kthanks.

and the mystery of the giant citrus tree mystery fruit has been solved this year. they are indeed lemons. just very large, not that tasty can't really tell by my horrible photography, but this one is green on the top and yellow on the Sprite...but again...not as tasty...

And our bean pole...of course Bryan had to throw some flair in the garden...these beans are so so tasty - i had about 5 of them today and gave some to all the boys to try...if there were more ready i would've eaten them too...i think this is how we get a lot of our raw foods in foraging around and being too lazy to cook...

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